• Popcorn Time for iOS is available for download

  • Receive notifications for Instagram

Popcorn Time for iOS is available for download

The iOS app for Popcorn Time has finally arrived. The app also works on iPhones and iPads without jailbreak. This article tells you all about the app and how you install it. Popcorn Time iOS app Popcorn Time for iOS appeared on April 8. The popular program, with which you can stream illegal movies and […]

5 Ways to share iPhone photos with your PC or Mac

An iPhone for many is not just a smartphone, but also a camera. But where are the photos stored when you have taken them? And what if you need room for new pictures? We’ll show you how you transfer iPhone images to a PC. Owners of a Mac can easily import iPhone photos from iPhoto […]

What is iCloud Drive and what can you do with it?

Since iOS8 and OS X Yosemite we can all use iCloud Drive, this service ensures that you can store all your documents online and synchronize with all your Apple devices. Loyal Apple fans certainly still know iDisk, this was an online hard disk where you could store in various documents and is similar to iCloud […]

Receive notifications for Instagram

If you use Instagram a lot, you’ll soon discover that you can find one photographer more interesting than the other. In fact, you might want to receive notifications from a number of users once they have put a new Instagram photo online. Think of friends with whom you go along to a festival, or that […]

Move your iTunes library to an external hard drive

A bit of music lover has a huge amount of music on his computer. iTunes is often the biggest burden on a computer, simply because your iTunes library is growing over the years while it is increasingly difficult to keep enough storage. In this tip we explain how to move your iTunes library to an […]

How to install the San Francisco font on your Mac

It seems clear that Apple’s Neue Helvetica, the font of iOS and OS X, will be replaced by San Francisco, the font of the Apple Watch. This font is designed in-house by Apple. Chances are that we get to see more in June during the WWDC 2015. Can’t wait? It is already possible to install […]